Autumn 2017
The journey to Royal has started.

Established 1967. Reborn 2017.



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    The refurbishment of the lobby commences. A new temporary entrance, fitted to luxury standards, will welcome our guests until Summer 2017.

  • EARLY 2017
    The first of our new iconic rooms, with exceptional views of London’s  skyline and Hyde Park, become available.

  • SUMMER 2017
    All works are completed and we proudly unveil our new public areas and the last redesigned floors. We are Royal Lancaster London.

50 years of British luxury

Our hotel first opened in 1967, during the heyday of “Swinging  London”, and have since witnessed the evolution of luxury hospitality. We were lucky to play host to many iconic moments from British culture, such as the launch party of the “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles, or the filming of “The Italian Job”.

Bring on the next 50...

© 2016 Royal Lancaster London - Lancaster Terrace London W2 2TY


The Crown
A bridge between kingdoms: Thai-owned, proudly British.

The Bee
We are a green hotel with a unique rooftop honey farm.

The Rose
Honouring the local connection with the House of Lancaster.

The Tower
A homage to our iconic building: we are London.

The Year
Celebrating 50 years of luxury hospitality.

The Motto
We always care about our guests, environment and colleagues.


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lAs part of our journey to Royal, we are investing £75 million in the complete refurbishment and rebranding of our much loved hotel.

Launching in Autumn 2017, the Royal Lancaster London will blend mid-century design with contemporary luxury. Our commanding redesigned entrance will lead to a new lobby where you will also find an elegant café, doubling up as a cocktail bar in the evening.

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